Elderly Washington Pot-Grower Faces 10 Years in Prison Despite State Law

May 12, 2014 | Andy Cush

An Associated Press update from Washington, where pot is supposedly legal:

Larry Harvey, a 70-year-old medical marijuana patient with no criminal history, three of his relatives and a family friend each face mandatory minimum sentences of at least 10 years in prison after they were caught growing about 70 pot plants on their rural, mountainous property.

The Harveys had guns at their home, which is part of the reason for the lengthy possible prison time. They say the weapons were for hunting and protection, but prosecutors say two of the guns were loaded and in the same room as a blue plastic tub of pot.

Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder said the federal government will not interfere with legalization in Colorado and Washington, despite weed remaining outlawed on a federal level. Why are Washington’s U.S. attorneys still going after growers?

Harvey, his wife, her son, and a handful of other friends and relatives are all facing 10-year mandatory minimum sentences. Jason Zucker, a friend of Harvey’s is the only one with a criminal history — naturally, he was previously convicted on weed growing charges.

(Photo: @Don Goofy)