Banksy’s “Mobile Lovers” Could Sell for £1 Million, According to Boys Club

May 20, 2014 | Andy Cush

The saga of Banksy’s “Mobile Lovers” — a piece the artist painted on a wall in his native Bristol in April — has been a long one, but it seems to be drawing to a close. Dennis Stinchcombe of Broad Plains Boys Club, a nearby youth organization that claimed the work as its own and found support from the world-famous street artist himself, claims he’s gotten offers of up to £1 Million — about $1.68 million — to sell the work.

“Some of the offers we have had have been in excess of £1 million and the letter we have from Banksy is also thought to be very rare,” he told the Daily Mail“It’s all great news for the club and we hope to sell it for as much as possible to settle our finances and secure our future over the next few years at least.”

Bristol City Council initially disputed Stinchcombe’s claim to the mural, and is currently displaying it at the Bristol City Museum. Earlier this month, Banksy sent a letter to both Stinchcombe and Bristol mayor George Ferguson giving the club his “blessing” to do what it wants with the piece.

“This has been a wonderful Bristol story and typical Banksy mystery,” Ferguson said.

The work will remain on display at the museum until it sells.