Christian Anti-RPG “Chick Tract” Comic Adapted Into Feature B-Horror Film

May 23, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Jack Chick’s Evangelist mini-comics known as “Chick Tracts” have sold more than 750 million copies to “soul-winners” preaching the most ludicrously rendered bites of the Gospel, world wide. One of them has been a cult favorite in the gaming and RPG community — one warning of the demonic dangers of RPG. It is called Dark Dungeons and it is hilarious.

Enter Portland’s JR Ralls who, after winning Oregon’s $1,000 lottery approached Jack Chick for film rights. Chick offered Ralls the rights for free. Perhaps this was not what he expected. Behold! The trailer for Dark Dungeons, as young people are being seduced into the demonic hold of pretending to be wizards together. Featuring many magical things like the aforementioned demonisms, frat bros chanting “RPG! RPG! RPG!” while chugging from solo cups and deadpan seriousness.

According to Twitch Film, this b-movie horror that looks like it’s not trying to be hilarious does not seem to besupported by any faith-based organizations and is, in fact, produced by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment — a Seattle-based company that supports Journey Quest and seems to be all around pro-gaming.