One In Five New Yorkers Works In The Bathroom, Says Ikea Poll

June 5, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Ikea has just released data collected in their study “Life At Home.” The ubiquitous Swedish furniture company surveyed 1,000 people in eight major cities. Apparently, 17% of New Yorkers admit to working in the bathroom.

This may seem ridiculous, but think about the last time you had people over and remembered that email you had to send. The bathroom is the perfect place to hide the fact that you’re working when you’re supposed to be having a social life — and you get to do it sitting down.

New York wasn’t the only place where a significant portion of the population works on the toilet, according to NBC:

In Stockholm, 17 percent of those surveyed also admitted to working in the bathroom. In Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai, 10 percent did.

Now that Ikea has this information we can only imaging the toilet desk will soon be for sale in a massive building near you.