San Francisco Woman Breeds and Releases Hundreds of Rats

June 5, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

A mentally ill woman in San Francisco has been breeding and releasing untold numbers of rats into the city. NBC Bay Area reports:

Police say that when they last checked in on the woman’s room at a residential hotel, she was living with 300 rats in deplorable conditions.

“We found a small room that was completely infested with rats that had actually burrowed into the walls and gone into other units as well,” Animal Care and Control Captain Denise Bongiovanni said.

Not only is this gross, it’s a yet another depressing example of the effects of California’s broken mental health system. Perhaps if Reagan hadn’t shut down publicly funded mental health care during his time as governor, fewer people, and rats, would be living in conditions like this.

To be fair, the example rat photo NBC posted looks more “cute from a distance” subway rat than horrifying, “could probably kill your cat” Bushwick street rat. (Photo: Walt Jabsco/Flickr)