See The World From
A Drone’s-Eye-View

June 16, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

The crowd-sourced site Travel By Drone allows anyone to upload their aerial drone footage into an online database which will function much like Google Street View.

On this site, everyone can share YouTube videos and add the corresponding location. It will appear on the map with a pin where the video footage has been recorded. After submitting a request to share a video, a dedicated team will review the material before validating the request. As soon as the request has been validated, the shared video will be visible on the map.

The website already has many contributions, mostly in Europe but also in places like the Middle East. Though we can already see a still image from above anywhere on earth via Google satellites, these videos will give people the ability to look more closely at the activity in a place at a certain time, and their crowd-sourced nature excludes the possibility of censorship, to some extent. (GIF: Prosthetic Knowledge)