Jodorowsky Hangs With “Beautiful, Child-Like” Kanye West

June 21, 2014 | Marina Galperina

“I saw an honest being, with a beautiful child-like soul,” legendary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky tweeted after his “pleasant” reunion with rapper Kanye West. “He puts on a big show. I read him his Tarot.”

Kanye’s Yeezus tour is indeed a big show, heavily influenced by Jodorowsky, specifically The Holy Mountain as discussed at length in the “Hood Jodorowsky” forum. Kanye’s collaborator Spike Jonze was also there, but that’s not a big deal.

In the photo posted on Jodorowsky’s Twitter, Kanye can be seen smiling with a radiating force. He is noticeably happier than in this photo of him meeting Matthew Barney. Kanye’s life is dope.

Read ANIMAL’s interview with Jodorowsky here. (Photo: @alejodorowsky)