Video Shorts Of Chaotic World Cup Protests

June 25, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

We know why many Brazilians hate the World Cup, but here’s a closer look at how. Watch these short films of the anti-World Cup protests by the 12PM collective. They bring you into the scene with darkness and anxiety-producing sound design, creating a drama that more closely resembles a political thriller than a news clip.

12PM member Danilo Arenas talked to Wired about their motivations for this heightened documentary style:

We just want to move emotions and feelings of someone who is there in the middle of things. We try to get as close as possible and make more visible the turmoil that those involved are going through. We look for ways to edit short videos in accordance with the most memorable moments, like flashes of memory.

We actually do our work because we enjoy it, the adrenaline of being part of certain moments, and the possibility of materializing our feelings. Often the fantasies influence us more than reality. Feelings of fear, for example, can be a powerful illusion, but still enough to paralyze you. Hope is a similar a fantasy that drives us. We are not good at defining what is real or unreal.

See their most recent clip above, with more below.