Rich People Suck At Tipping

June 25, 2014 | Bucky Turco

It’s not easy delivering food in the city. Between all the bullshit workers have to deal with — death-inducing traffic, demeaning employers, and notoriously low wages — the only thing that makes the job worth doing is good tips. Unfortunately, for delivery people in one of Manhattan’s ritziest area codes, wealthy GrubHub patrons tip the worst. According to data compiled by DNAinfo, residents living in the 10075 zip code, an area populated some of NYC’s richest people, tips average around 14.4 percent. Even Brooklynites tipped better, giving an average of 15 percent per order.

The worst offenders however, can be found in Jamaica, Queens where tips were as little as 9.8 percent. Sorry poor people, but you don’t get a pass either. Here’s a general rule of thumb for everyone: If you can’t afford to tip properly, which means at least a minimum of $4 no matter what the cost of the meal is, walk your ass to the restaurant and pick it up yourself.

Check out the color-coded map created by DNAinfo and have fun shaming stingy New Yorkers click by click.