Ralph Sarchi: NYPD Sergeant, Demonologist

June 25, 2014 | Marina Galperina

“It doesn’t matter if you believe or not, it doesn’t withdraw you from the battle,” says former NYPD sergeant Ralph Sarchie, “a highly regarded demonologist.” This mini-documentary style clip is being released to promote Deliver Us From Evila Hollywood film starring Eric Bana based on the novel of the same name, based on the “100% true accounts” of this guy right here. See him and his earnest hand gestures explain how his work as a demonologist “crossed over with his life as a working police officer” and strut authoritatively through his account of what a demonologist actually does, which is, according to the “documentary” footage cut into the short — manhandling screaming people in serious mental distress. I mean, demons. Very legit demons.