Everyone Has Eggs On Their Face In Mike & Claire’s New Video

July 1, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

New York based artists Mike & Claire create surreal videos incorporating performance, design and digital art. Their newest work, Fried Eggs, is a bizarre take on the popularization of gender critique. There are eggs everywhere, being cooked, served, eaten and gagged on. There’s also a strong element of police brutality in the video, albeit enacted in burlesque style. Miming is key to Fried Eggs, as the duo told Vice, “The idea of an action being more powerful then words inspired the lack of dialogue and an importance on movement and sound. We wanted to create a modern cartoon that represented how we feel but at the same time paid homage to people who are making aggressive changes for women.”

Watch the full video above and read our Artist’s Notebook with Mike & Claire here(Gifs via Vice)