Backdoor Pharmacist Regrets Smoking Fake Weed

July 1, 2014 | Backdoor Pharmacist

JWH-018, and other JWH chemicals, are naphthoylindole synthetic cannabinoids. They were originally developed by Professor John W. Huffman, who is now very disappointed with us kids and wants cannabis to be legal. Entrepreneurs used Professor Huffman’s work by spraying relatively inert plant matter with his discoveries to make “legal weed” or “synthetic weed” incense blends frequently called “Spice” or “K2”. While banned by the US in 2011, synthetic cannabinoids are still all over the internet.

Our green friend – cannabis – has an infamously spotless safety record. The one reported OD is by a fucking dubious local coroner who wanted to be in the Daily Mail. That’s not the case with JWH-018 and other synthetic cannabinoids. Instead of a mix of dozens of cannabinoids balancing each other out, JWH and other synthetic cannabinoids are often powerful full agonist punches to your cannabinoid receptors. This can result in serious side effects including seizures, psychosis, and even heart attacks. It must be treated with respect and trepidation.

Smoking these “herbal incense blends” or “herbal smoking products” as you buy them from the head shop, in their cute little foil packages, is for idiots. Quality is all over the place, sometimes a very weak high, other times, too strong. Testing has found they often contained JWH family substances, but sometimes they have exotic opioids, dangerous benzodiazepine analogues like phenazepam, and even bath salts. Somehow I feel like no one actually wanted a designer speedball cocktail with the cannabinoid punch of butane hash oil. Call me conservative.

These days, there are a bewildering array of substances with names like CP 55,940, WIN 55,212-2, and AB-FUBINACA. Buy them straight, don’t trust someone in Eastern Europe haphazardly spraying water lilies and lotus flowers with whatever mix they could get.

Regular drug testing is what drives the demand for synthetic weed substitutes. If you get any sort of job with a big company, or become a sports player, you’ll have to pee in a cup. There are drug tests for synthetic weed blends, but they’re uncommon and have to be specific to synthetic cannabinoids. If they have to send the urine to a lab, you should forgo anything. Depending on the lab, they could be testing for a huge variety of things. Amazon and Google are actually your friends in identifying whether the avant-garde designer drug you have has a test.

These synthetic cannabinoids are often extremely powerful. JWH-018 doses in the single milligram range, around which cheap scales will be inaccurate. Light doses start at 3mg , while 8mg is a heavy dose. JWH-018 is a white or yellowish powder due to impurities during the synthesis. It is insoluble in water and only slightly soluble in high proof ethanol and propylene glycol. It is soluble in acetone. It should go without saying you should use 100% pure acetone, no “nail polish remover” AND DO NOT INGEST ACETONE. Volumetric dosing is covered more detail in the phenazepam article, but the basics are to weigh a much higher amount and fully dissolve it into a known amount of liquid. 600mg into 300mL means 1mL = 2mg, which is easily done with a children’s oral syringe. After you lay out the dosage, wait for the acetone to evaporate, acetone fumes aren’t healthy either.

JWH-018’s melting point isn’t hard to reach. Vaporizers, and direct methods like a DMT or “meth” pipe work. The whitish or yellowish crystals will turn brown and melt. You may have to chase the tiny puddle around and keep the heat on it until it becomes a white smoke. Oral dosages are just a smidge more than inhaled. You may want a sober trip sitter the few first times, because if you fuck up my instructions or you eyeball it like a moron, you might need help.

Cannabinoids don’t fit neatly into the hallucinogen, upper, downer, world. It has its own special magic. Get the vaporizer hot, and you and that linebacker can watch a bag fill with a white smoke. After a minute or two you might think it was a dud. Then it will hit you hard enough to knock you back into your chair. Your entire body has a weight to it, a resistance to movement. The room itself seems to be perkier, colors seem more saturated, and edges will pop at you. Music seems so much better to listen to, and your thoughts will wander. You’re stoned.

Soon, time dilation will crawl in, it will be hard to tell when it does. The munchies aren’t really there. Your heart rate will be noticeably elevated. You may start obsessing about it but that’s normal. Elevated heart rate is normal on JWH-018, do not worry about it, this is normal, enjoy the TV, enjoy the conversation. The linebacker is unusually well spoken, and your wandering mind now feels sorry for him. His chosen career will rob him of that. What if someone will do that to you? That’s the sinister side of the synthetic cannabinoids. They have a sharper edge of paranoia than cannabis.

High doses can create open-eye hallucinations. The walls may warp and colors may shift. You can probably feel, you’ve had too much. Nausea and eventually vomiting may follow. The fear creeps in now. Try as you might, you won’t be able to escape the sensation that you’re the most wretched creature on earth. Is that noise the police? Don’t give into the panic or fear. If you start hearing voices, shaking uncontrollably, or have a heart attack, get your trip sitter to call for an ambulance. When the EMT’s arrive, tell them it’s a synthetic cannabinoid, “Spice”, “K2”, or synthetic weed overdose. They’ll treat your symptoms, and hopefully you got a good health insurance plan through the Obamacare exchanges.

Have fun; try not to die.

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