Take A Glitch Art Selfie With “Gush”

July 9, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Adam Ferriss creates mesmerizing glitch art, and with his new interactive project Gush, you can become a part of it. (Hint: Move, click, awe.)

Gush was built off Andrew Benson’s Flow Cam, to turn your webcam photos into day-glo psychedelia. “While the webcam captures the movements, a generative and evolutive loop gives rise to fluid, glitched-out and distorted textures that structure and restructure themselves in the GIF format,” The Creator’s Project wrote today. Ferriss explains some of the technical details that make Gush work:

The effect works by creating a ‘flow’ image from a comparison of the current frame and previous frame. The flow looks like a colored contour image when there is movement in the scene. The flow output is plugged into another shader that runs in a feedback loop, continually blending new frames on top of old ones.

Ferriss used similar methods to create an app that Yung Jake recently used for MOCAtv, and afterwards, he focused on adapting his project to be sharable on the web. Check out our Artist’s Notebook with Adam Ferriss for more about the artist.