Irish Person Not Pleased With Long Island Bar’s “No Irish Drunks” Sign

July 25, 2014 | Bucky Turco

The cheeky sign is affixed to the front window of The Dock Bar & Grill in Montauk and is accompanied by a list of other controversial, yet noble prohibitions, such as: “No Yapping Mutts,” “No Screaming Kids,” and “No Cell Phones.” IrishCentral, a website that covers all things Irish, reports that one of its readers sent in a photo of the window and was “upset” by it. “I was taken aback by the way that kind of stereotype was so blatantly displayed,” said Pauline Turley, an expat from Ireland and New Yorker who apparently can’t take a joke. Owner and Irish-American George Watson has operated the bar for over four decades and claims that it’s not a hard and fast rule and was meant in jest. After all, unlike other easily offended cultures, the Irish can handle it. “If you spoke about any other religion or race they would probably take offense to it, but the Irish have a sense of humor,” said Watson. IrishCentral’s commenters couldn’t disagree more. UPDATE: The Dock temporarily changed the sign and now it reads: “No Sensitive Drunks.”

(Photo: FourSquare)