So This Is A Dungeons and Dragons “Chick Tract” Movie Adaptation

August 14, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Here’s the first 8 minutes of Dark Dungeons, the live-action indie film adaptation of a “Chick Tract” warning of the demonic dangers of Dungeons and Dragons! Soul-saving Evangelist comic-maker Jack Chick actually sold the film rights for this b-horror comedy. 

Innocent students Debbie and Marcie arrive at college eager to save souls, but will they be able to save their own when they’re seduced by the exotic and sinister world of role playing games?

Yes, we can now assert it’s a comedy. Check it out Episode 1 above for amusing ridiculousness, Satanists or something and porn-quality acting. And of course, no frat party with beats dropping and girls making out with each other is complete until… everyone sits down at a table for some hot RPG action.