NYC Water Tank Project Finally Gets Underway

August 27, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

After several starts and stops, The Water Tank Project is moving along. Organized by the environmental nonprofit Word Above The Street, the program will showcase art on water tanks all around the city to raise awareness of sustainable environmental practices and water conservation.

The artworks, which include pieces already on display by Laurie Simmons and Lorenzo Petrantoni, will not be painted directly onto the water tanks, but hung on a canvas wrapped around the tanks. Five tanks in Manhattan have already undergone the transformation and by October, when the project is complete, that number will grow to approximately one hundred tanks.

The upcoming works include originals by artists such as Jeff Koons and photographer Jean-Paul Goude, and pieces from local high school students who participated in a competition for the project earlier this year.

Previous Water Tank Project artists included Ed Ruscha and Jay Z. (Photo: Water Tank Project)