Surveillance Cameras Capture Police Beating of Bronx Man

September 8, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Santiago Hernandez says he was beaten by police in the Bronx, after being arrested during a search. A surveillance video shows the 23-year-old man speaking with two female police officers, who later put him in handcuffs. Afterwards, a half dozen more officers appear to pile on him and beat him while he lies cuffed on the ground.

Hernandez says he failed to immediately put his hands behind his back because he didn’t know why he was being arrested. Hernandez described the situation to ABC:

They was taking turns on me. One kicks me, he steps back. Another one comes to punch me and he steps back. And another one comes and grabs my arm and hits me like 10 times with the baton. Another one comes and pepper sprayed me, they were taking turns like a gang.

Hernandez said that the cops told him they were investigating a noise complaint and didn’t give him any reason as to why he was stopped and frisked. He was charged with possession of synthetic marijuana, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest; all of the charges were thrown out by the Bronx DA.

Hernandez and his lawyer Jay Heinrich are preparing to file a civil suit against the city. (Screenshots: ABC)