And The Manhattan Apartment Farthest From The Subway Is…

October 9, 2014 | Marina Galperina

A penthouse at the top of 10 Gracie Square. Ben Wellington, the intrepid data quantifier/visualizer of I Quant NY, has merged publicly accessible information from the MTA Subway Station Entrance data set and city lot directory PLUTO to discover it.

The building, located at the end of 84th street at the FDR Drive, is 0.8 miles away along the grid to the nearest subway entrance, not counting the elevator down. Wellington is amused:

My favorite part about the finding is that the Penthouse, which I guess is literally the farthest place you can live from the subway due to the longer ride down in the elevator, is currently on the market for $18.9 million, down from $23 million last year.  That’s right, you can pay $18.9 million dollars to have literally the longest walk to the subway in all of Manhattan!  

What a deal! (For an even more exclusive proposition, see our “Liberty Statue Condo.”)

(Images: Google Street View, I Quant NY)