High Line-Ish Queens Park Proposal Baits “Vision Zero”

October 14, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The results of a year-long feasibility study for the QueensWay are being presented today. The $120 million project would develop the disused, overgrown Rockaway Rail Line into a park resembling the High Line.

The proposal has been tailored specifically to get Mayor Bill de Blasio to like it by satisfying “both his traffic safety and park equity agendas,” reports Capital New York. The study reads:

The QueensWay will bolster the city’s new Vision Zero Program by providing an alternative for bikers, walkers, and runners to Woodhaven Boulevard.

Just tell everyone who could get hit by a car to stay on the QueensWay, right?

Additionally, the study argues that parts of the QueensWay running through Ozone Park will provide parkland where there isn’t enough of it, according to city recommendations.

A competing study “measuring community sentiment for a resurrected Rockaway Beach rail line” will be released shortly. The local residents of this very isolated area could definitely benefit more from restored track service then a park. But then again, the QueensWay looks like a Photoshop heaven where Jehovah Witnesses go. (Image: Capital New York)