Google Wants To Replace Movies With VR “Rocket Ship For The Mind”

October 15, 2014 | Rhett Jones

According to Re/code’s sources, Google may be jumping into the virtual reality game in a way that no one could even imagine. Joining a pool of investors, the mega-corporation wants to invest $500 million in Magic Leap, a company that few people know much about.

Magic Leap is, so far, fairly secretive about the exact way their device works. They typically use hyperbolic lingo like a form of “3-D light sculpture” and “a rocket ship for the mind.” One thing they’ve confirmed is that they are attempting to progress augmented reality into a new form they call “cinematic reality.”

According to Business Insider, this will involve projecting imagery directly on your eyeball in a way that is even responsive to what your eye focuses on. Instead of being all encompassing, they hope to be able to layer whatever they want over what you see in the real, physical world.

Those who have tried it won’t give specifics but generally say it’s next level stuff. When Magic Leap asked Brian Wallace from Samsung to come check it out he said it was “one of the most profound moments I’ve ever had.” Likewise, game designer Graeme Devine tells Polygon, “I went to the offices and I saw something that I did not think was possible.”

What Google will do with it is anyone’s guess but most evidence points to it being their attempt to get in on the coming VR revolution. Considering that Magic Leap’s founder tells the New York Times that they hope to get it down to the size of a pair of glasses, it’s not unreasonable to think that the Glass-holes of the world will be even more distracted and dangerous than before. (Photo: Magic Leap Promo)