This Machine Harvests Cocaine From Your Paper Money

October 15, 2014 | Marina Galperina

From designer Francesco Morackini (of the “Dildomaker” that makes dildos out of everything), here is “MO-CLEAN/14” aka the Banker. This concept machine mimics the appearance and mobility of office printer/copier/thing while collecting trace amounts of cocaine from all your banknotes.

DesignBoom describes the process very seriously:

the bills are placed within the counting machine which are then scanned and cleaned through the use of solvents. the extracted substances are then distributed into a centrifuge and divided according to their varying densities. at this phase, the cocaine is then transferred into the HPLC unit, separating the matter and ejecting it into the MS control unit. in this final step the various components detected in the HPLC are separated and controlled, finally deliver 99% pure cocaine crystals.

In reality, it’s a solution to a problem no one has, as no one really minds slightly contaminated bills. And though studies have revealed that up to 90% of US bills contain between 0.006 micrograms to 1.24 micrograms per bill, that’s a pretty microscopic, producing worthlessly tiny amounts. You’re probably spending more on solvent than the coke return. But, as a fictional concept, that’s some very amusing, stylized commentary.


(Images: DesignBoom)