Macy’s Should Just Serve In-Store Thanksgiving Dinners To Black Friday Shoppers

October 15, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Today, it’s being widely reported that ancient retailer Macy’s, will be opening its stores on Thanksgiving at 6PM to accommodate product-thirsty Black Friday shoppers. That’s two hours earlier than last year. This must come as great news to employees who must not only cope with the rigmarole of dealing with their families, but also groggy, overfed customers on the only day of the U.S. calendar that virtually every race and creed celebrates — except of course, Native Americans.

But perhaps that’s not early enough? Here’s an idea: Macy’s should turn their stores into all-day Thanksgiving wonderlands where people can combine two of America’s most treasured pastimes: shopping and eating.

Looking for a new flatscreen, but also want to watch the football games? Head over to the electronics department. Need a recliner to sit on while you watch those high resolution TVs? Reps from the furniture section can accommodate you and they’ll even provide a table to set with items from housewares. While there, you might as well test out the pots and pans, and cook up some meals.

And if all that sounds too tiredly authentic of a Thanksgiving experience, you can always just camp out at Macy’s Cellar Bar & Grill, alone, where you can snag a turkey club, Blackberry Mojito, warm apple pie and afterwards, cozy up to what really matters: consumer products.

(Photo: Gene Han)