Ello, Now With Ads

October 17, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Ello — the hot, new, all-anyone-could-talk-about-for-one-day social network — built up buzz by saying it would never have ads or sell your info. But does it seem a little boring, a little useless, and a little bit lonely? Maybe you’re just suffering from ad withdrawal.

Now two dudes have stepped in to make Ello just as busy and soul-draining as Facebook! Ello Ads is a browser plug-in by Tom Galle and Qanta Shimizu for Google Chrome that will cover your Ello homepage in flickering McDonalds banners and ponzi-schemes to refinance your home. Take that, black and white minimalism! Now if only there was a plug-in that would allow people I haven’t spoken with in a decade to invite me to play Candy Crush. (Screenshot: ANIMAL)