New Footage Shows Unauthorized Tagging and Failed Getaway At the Whitney

October 20, 2014 | Bucky Turco

This weekend, ANIMAL reported that a person was arrested for graffiti at the Whitney during the museum’s marathon 36-hour closing of the Jeff Koons retrospective. We obtained video clips (watch above) that show the audacious stunt from start to finish.

At around 12:30AM on Sunday, a person who was later identified as Manhattan resident Christopher Johnson, pulled out a can of spray paint and calmly started tagging the wall near Koons’ “Hanging Heart” sculpture. Although he attempted to write “PPPriceless” in homage to graffiti crew the Peter Pan Posse, he misspelled it, slightly. He then puts the can in his jacket and walks towards the exit, as attendees, somewhat stunned, watch on.

A security guards can be heard over the radio, giving his description and exclaiming: “He’s coming down the stairs.” Moments later, he is apprehended by Whitney security, who pin him down and hold him until cops arrive. He was arrested and is facing several graffiti-related charges.