Urban Explorer Posts Stunning Photos From Inside the Grand Central Clock

October 20, 2014 | Rhett Jones

An urban explorer going by the Instagram handle @dark.cyanide infiltrated the famous Tiffany clock at Grand Central Terminal and posted some ridiculous photos of it. First reported by Untapped Cities, ANIMAL spoke to the photographer over email. “I do what I do because I like to explore places I never thought I would get to see in person.”

We asked him to describe the experience:

It was a very awesome sight how Park Avenue shines in the rain. I did get an opportunity to hang my feet out of the enormous clock. I took a quick picture of that before anyone noticed feet hanging from the clock down below. I made my way up to the second level where the clock gears were found. Took a close up shoot of that. Then made my way up to the roof through a small little hatch and it was an awesome view of the MetLife building and Chrysler surrounded by fog. The roof was slippery from the rain and it was actually a mission to get down because of the sloped roof.

With pressure increasing to stop photographers from tresspassing and taking beautiful shots, this guy remains undeterred, as indicated by his Instagram account, a treasure trove of #urbex documentation.

(Photos: dark.cyanide)