Creepytings On The Run After Taking Street Art To National Parks

October 23, 2014 | Rhett Jones

After hitting 10 national parks, a street artist has come to the attention of the Feds and they’ve begun investigating.

An Instagram account using the name Creepytings has been posting images of artwork done in either chalk or acrylic, but was abruptly deactivated by the user. According to an L.A. Times report, the account belongs to Casey Nocket, who was asked by a commenter if the work was done with chalk. She replied that it was acrylic, adding, “I know I’m a bad person.” Many of the works definitely look like chalk, though.

The National Park Service announced that they were looking into incidents in five states. If charged, Creepytings could be looking at a federal misdemeanor with jail time and a fine.

Considering that painting on stone walls is the world’s oldest art form and that graffiti has traditionally been about the artist being inspired by their environment, it’s surprising that this doesn’t happen more often. (Photo: Casey Nocket)