25 MPH Is Now The New NYC Speed Limit

October 28, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

After several high-profile traffic-related deaths in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a new bill on Monday that lowered the city’s speed limit to 25 MPH.

The bill is part of de Blasio’s “vision zero” plan, which aims to eradicate traffic deaths within the next decade. The mayor signed the bill on the Lower East Side block where 12-year-old Deshane Santana was killed back in 2012, and where a portion of it was renamed after her. He was surrounded by family members who have lost loved ones to traffic accidents.

While it only lowers the speed limit by 5 MPH, many of the victims families said they felt it will help make the streets safer. The law goes into effect on November 7.

(Photo: NYC Department Of Transportation)