Photo Released Showing Cops Moments Before Hatchet Attack

October 28, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

Had the four recently minted cops stationed at the Jamaica Avenue subway stop known that a man wielding a hatchet was about to lunge upon them, they would likely not have posed for a photo last Thursday. But no one could have predicted the nightmarish events that left two officers seriously injured, one bystander wounded by police gunfire, and the attacker, Zale Thompson, shot dead after 19 rounds were fired.

Dominick Williams, the freelance photographer on the scene, has shared his photos with the New York Daily News. They chronicle the tragic turn events that feature the four cops, smiling, just moments before the attack:


After some hesitation, he also captured the horrific aftermath. “It all happened so fast,” Williams told the Daily News. “But I was eager to capture the photos. I knew what it was about. I knew what these photos would mean. I was gonna leave, but I went back.”

(Photo: Motion View Pictures)