Blue Ivy Dressed As Michael Jackson Is Horrifying

October 31, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

For Halloween, Beyonce and Jay Z dressed their daughter Blue Ivy up as Michael Jackson.

I get it. Michael Jackson was a musical genius. He provided the world (and still does) an extraordinary amount of joy through his music. Being born in 1978 gave me prime time action on Thriller as a kid, and it was one of my favorite albums as a child, which made me the most regular child in America.

But Michael Jackson was a child molester. Alleged, of course. He was acquitted in his 2005. So sure, he was never technically found guilty under the guise of law, but, still, what the fuck? The list of allegations seems to always grow, including an alleged $35 million payoff.

It makes his worship and idolatry a tad unnerving. At least, it should. So when headlines like this happen, I feel that the world’s axis has shifted and we’re all teetering on the rim. WHEN IS IT ADORABLE TO DRESS YOUR CHILD AS A ALLEGED SERIAL CHILD MOLESTER?

When one of the most famous kids on the planet is dressed as him and online media outlets swoon with glee, I want to run and shake every single person who thinks this way like I’m Louise Woodward (not allegedly).

Here are some other people your kid will never be adorable dressed up as:

Terry Richardson

Bill Cosby

O.J. Simpson

R Kelly

(Photo: Wenxia)