RIP Taylor Swift Mural Represents Chico’s Greatest Work

October 31, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

Ever since Taylor Swift was declared the city’s new Global Welcome Ambassador, the internet (and New Yorkers) hates her even more than it already did.

And what better way to celebrate her looming internet death than a RIP mural on the Lower East Side by Chico?

The muralist, whose real name is Antonio Garcia, has been legally painting buildings all around this city for the past 30 years, and despite that history, his murals have been getting ragged by graffiti writers for just as long.

The mural was painted Thursday night on vintage clothing shop La Petit Mort.

“What the hell is Taylor Swift doing being the ambassador of New York?” said co-founder Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, aka @slutlust, who commissioned the work. “Now she’s the voice of New York? Ya know what? Let’s make fun of that.”

Jimenez told ANIMAL that it’s a wrap on Chico’s work here, although that claim has made before.

“This is his last mural in NYC,” Jiminez said. “He’s giving up his apartment in New York, for good this time.”

RIP Chico – Taylor Swift.

(Photo: La Petit Mort)