Artificial Intelligence Has Learned How To Create Magic Tricks

November 17, 2014 | Rhett Jones

In terrifying, dystopian news that was once the stuff of fiction, scientists have taught an artificial intelligence program how to create a magic trick. After researchers uploaded the outline of how a magic jig-saw puzzle and a mind-reading card trick work, the computer program was able to create original versions of the trick that were so good they are actually being sold in magic shops now.

Howard Williams, co-creator of the project that will end civilization as we know it and make Skynet a reality, tell Phys.org:

Computer intelligence can process much larger amounts of information and run through all the possible outcomes in a way that is almost impossible for a person to do on their own. So while, a member of the audience might have seen a variation on this trick before, the AI can now use psychological and mathematical principles to create lots of different versions and keep audiences guessing.

There ya go — despite warnings from Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk that A.I. is one of the most dangerous technological developments facing our species, we’ve decided to teach it exactly how to deceive us.

(Photo: Rhett Jones/ANIMAL New York)