SantaCon, The Bro-iest, Frat-iest NYC Holiday Tradition, Is Headed To Brooklyn

November 17, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

Anyone who’s had the unfortunate coincidence of being in the East Village on a weekend in mid-December over the last few years now has cause to celebrate, because the annual horrible tradition that is SantaCon is leaving Manhattan for Brooklyn, Bushwick Daily reports.

Each year, the bros and broettes dress up as Santa Claus, bar hop, and binge drink for an indiscriminate amount of time during a Saturday. Many of them inevitably wind up on the subway later that night when sober people are trying to either go to work, get home from work, or go out somewhere we they don’t have to dress like a clown just to prove they can drink and have a good time. Even our friends at BroBible hated it for all the reasons they should: people puking in the middle of the street, pissing anywhere and everywhere, and berating little children. Ugh.

The bars of Bushwick, apparently, aren’t too pleased with these developments. And why would they? SantaCon is the anti-christ.

(Photo: J. Rob McCullough)