Turn Your Drawings Into Vector Illustrations With This New Notebook And App

November 20, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

As the gap between fine art and digital art narrows, Moleskine’s recent innovation makes the transition from one medium to the other perhaps the most seamless use of art technology yet. Traditionally known for its black-bound paper notebooks, Moleskine on Thursday announced a new notebook and app that works with Adobe Creative Cloud to convert your hand-drawn images into vector illustrations that you can manipulate digitally on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

While there are many great stylus products out there, TechCrunch notes, this notebook and app is great for anyone who prefers the feel of pen on paper. Here’s how it works:

Notebooks that work with the service include special alignment indicators printed on the corners of the pages to help the app better translate the sketches into usable vectors, without distortion or skewed angles regardless of whether or not you can get a perfectly head-on capture with your iPhone’s camera. The resulting vectors will provide both .jpg and .svg output, for use in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

The 160-page 8×5-inch Adobe Creative Cloud Moleskine notebook is available for pre-order and costs $33.

(Photo: Moleskin)