American Plague Known As Black Friday Is Now Infecting The U.K.

November 28, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

U.S.-borne virus Black Friday, from which infected victims experience bouts of mania and violent outbursts, has officially traveled across the pond and over to the U.K. While the U.K. has harbored the virus since at least 2010, this is the first year it’s expanded into a full blown epidemic. The BBC reports:

Greater Manchester Police appealed for calm after attending seven Tesco shops, at which three men were arrested and a woman was hit by a falling television.

The force said the issues were “totally predictable” and it was “disappointed” by shop security. Tesco said only a “small number” of stores were affected.

Police were called in places including Dundee, Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

While Black Friday is not a federal holiday, it’s traditionally taken off in America as the day after Thanksgiving. Now known as a big day for consumer spending internationally, corporations have exported it to other countries. In other words, we expect to see more troubling footage like this in the future: