The New Star Wars Trailer Is Live, Also Check Out Luke Skywalker Predicting It Back In 1983

November 28, 2014 | Rhett Jones

The teaser for the first Star Wars film since 2005 is now online and you can watch it above! It TOTALLY SUCKS! Just kidding it actually looks really cool. Lots of practical special effects and no Jar Jar Binks.

If you’re the type of person who has to see it in theaters instead of on your computer, it’s playing in NYC at Regal Union Square Stadium 14 and AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13. No word on what movie or movies it’ll run ahead of.

Following the abominable Star Wars Episodes 1-3 that were directed by George Lucas in the early 2000’s, people have high hopes that the new film will return the classic space opera to its former glory. It’s promising that a lot of the original cast is back and competent director J.J. Abrams is leading the team.

While the dreadful quality of the prequels have caused many to believe that Lucas has just been kind of winging it over the years, this may all be part of a vision Lucas had long ago. An interview with Mark Hamill back in 1983 shows the original Skywalker talking about Lucas’s plan to bring him back as older Jedi master in 2011. Lucas ended up selling all rights to Star Wars to Disney in October 2012, so this release isn’t too far off from his original plan. You can see that interview below.

(Photo: Star Wars Promo Image/Disney)