Hitler’s Hamptons: Germans Buying Up Luxury Condos At Former Nazi Resort

December 2, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Step right up, vacation spot deal hunters, because Germany is now selling condo spots in a Hitler-planned mega-resort. That’s right — you can get your own beach side bunker, approved by the Führer himself, and they’re going for up to 70% off.

Back in 1936, Hitler ordered the construction of “the largest resort ever” to be done in that trademark Nazi architecture style pioneered by Albert Speer. Over a three-mile stretch of beachfront property in the town of Prora, construction began on a series of identical six-story gray buildings. In 1939, the project had to stop as World War Two kicked into its full horror. The buildings were used as a shelter during the war and as a Soviet base after that.

Ten years ago, real estate developers saw an opportunity to create a hot new getaway. But Germans really don’t like being reminded of the bad old days, and the project encountered a lot of controversy. Many believed that to finish it would mean fulfilling Hitler’s vision. After dropping prices, though, they’ve begun to sell. Reportedly, real estate prices in the area have begun a rise that rivals Manhattan.

The developers hope to be finished in 2016 and plan to build a spa, a luxury hotel, new swimming pools and extensive landscaping. So if you need a home away from home that’s also a little piece of history, hit up your real estate agent now.

(Photo: Wikipedia)