Watch Video From NYC’s Clandestine Underground Boxing Matches

December 2, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Bekim Trenova started the FNT underground boxing matches in 2009 and slowly they’ve become a bit of an NYC party phenomenon. Now he’s offered the public a rare look inside the arena.

Trenova told Bedford + Bowery (who also shot the video above), that the matches are real, fall in a “legal grey area,” and last a minute each. For the $40 cover you get free booze and a rotating cast of entertainers mixed in. Mobb Deep and ASAP Ferg have both played past matches. He says that approaching them more as a party than a sporting event is actually a benefit:

It’s like a traveling circus. I think that’s what helps it. We’re pioneering something new to the entertainment world that combines performance art, boxing, sport, music. It’s literally anything.

You can watch the B + B‘s video accounts from an East Williamsburg match above, and if you want to attend in person the blog recommends following FNT’s Instagram account.

(Photo: Bedford + Bowery)