The Most Vile Movie Ever, Now Re-Made By John Waters and Starring Kids

December 22, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Pink Flamingos is definitely in the running for the most notorious movie ever made. It’s full of violence, un-simulated sex, and poop eating. Australia banned it at the time of its release in 1972, and it gets a well earned NC-17 rating in the U.S., meaning no one under 17 will be admitted. Now the man behind the filth, John Waters, has re-made it for all ages, starring a cast of children.

Waters tells the New York Times:

I’ve always said that if you took out the sex and the violence, that it is a children’s story because it’s the battle of the gross-out, and that’s what most kids’ books are now. [The result is] even more perverse than the original, because it’s transforming innocence into a whole new kind of joyous, G-rated obscenity.

The new version will be 20 minutes shorter at 73 minutes and it will feature kids in “candy-colored wigs, cat-eye glasses and at least one pencil-thin mustache,” doing a table reading of the reworked material.

Even taking out all the sex and violence doesn’t seem like it could fully get a G-rating, but Waters is the genius here, so we’ll see when it opens at Marianne Boesky Gallery on January 9th. Until then, you can just try to imagine this sex and violence free clip below … starring children. (Still NSFW)

(Photo: Pink Flamingos Promo)