Ousted American Apparel CEO Dov Charney Is Living On A Friend’s Couch In LES

December 22, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

Bloomberg TV has a tonally odd segment in which anchor Trish Regan takes pity on ex-American Apparel CEO and full-time creepster Dov Charney, who has revealed that he is down to his his last $100,000 and is in circumstances so dire that he is living on a friend’s couch in the LES. Charney used to make $800,000 a year as CEO.

According to Regan, Charney showed up at Regan’s set at Bloomberg on Thursday to share his side of the story in his ongoing battle to regain leadership of the company he founded in 1989. Charney, of course, was ousted as CEO six months ago “under mounting legal and financial setbacks,” as the New York Times put it, which followed a series sexual harassment cases brought against him. Though a walking and talking liability, he stayed on as a consultant until last week, when he was fully released from the company. Charney felt like he was betrayed by Standard General, “a hedge fund that gave him a loan in July so he could boost his ownership of American Apparel,” Business Insider explains, who instated members on American Apparel’s board.

Regan, dismissing the troubling allegations and string erratic behavior in light of the fact that he loves the brand, said, “It has been next ordinarily traumatic for him.” But, come one, this news isn’t just traumatic for Charney:

(Photo: dovcharney)