The FAA Knows You Want A Drone For Christmas, Explains How To Stay Off Its “Naughty List”

December 23, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

The Federal Aviation Administration has anticipated that you and your loved ones are going to want to operate an unmanned aircraft, aka a drone, this holiday season. In order to keep you “off the naughty list,” as the organization puts it, the FAA has created a video under the banner of Know Before You Fly, a campaign by three UAS safety organizations explaining best practices for new drone pilots. Some of the guidelines include:

-Don’t fly anything at the height of 400 feet.
-Don’t fly anything that weighs more than 55 pounds, or “Ralph, the world’s largest bunny rabbit”
-DO fly for fun!
-Don’t fly for $$$

The bizarre video, which features a voiceover from what sounds like an anthropomorphized drone, acknowledges that kids “will be excited” about getting a drone — to the chagrin of NYPD everywhere.

(Image: Know Before You Fly)