Adult Swim’s Video Art Series Takes On Sports, Blows Up The Moon With A Discus

December 26, 2014 | Rhett Jones

If you don’t watch Off The Air, you’re not alone. Despite its relatively small cult following, the network has stuck by this ridiculous display of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink imagery. It helps that ratings expectations are low for the show’s 4 AM time slot, and the fact that it’s awesome keeps up that Adult Swim cool cred.

Creator Dave Hughes is a veteran of MTV animation and it definitely shows. For anyone who watched “Liquid Television” or “The Head,” this show has that same way of being weird without being like, “THIS IS WEIRD! SEE HOW WEIRD WE ARE!?!” Each episode uses a selection of artists to illustrate a theme set to music. From there, all participants are invited to let their freak flag fly.

This week’s episode is all about sports. It features beautiful data-moshing, hilarious olympic stress faces, and a man blowing up the moon with a discus. Check it out above and see more over at the official channel.

(Photo: Slice Where You Live Like Pie)