Possession of Pot Brownies Is A Felony In Some U.S. Counties

December 26, 2014 | Bucky Turco

In Colorado — a shining beacon of pot policy in the Unites States — weed for recreational use is as legal as alcohol and tobacco. Naturally, that means residents from nearby crappy states like Nebraska flock to its dispensaries to purchase buds, dabs, and edibles before they head back across the border to their rural enclaves. As you can imagine, this influx has led to a marked increase in the amount of arrests in Nebraska counties near the state line reports the AP. And for some herb enthusiasts that could mean jail time.

While some parts of the state don’t differentiate between possession of weed and edibles made from cannabis extracts, counties like Deuel and Cheyenne, where Sheriff Adam Hayward patrols, enforce draconian statutes for the dabs:

Under state law, the marijuana extracts used to make many pot edibles are a Schedule 1 drug, and possession is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

However, as the Journal Star notes, not “every pot brownie is a felony” — it all depends on the ingredients:

Home-baked pastries that contain actual marijuana plants, instead of an extract, would still be treated like regular weed, said Jon Stellar, the deputy county attorney who handles most drug cases in Deuel and Cheyenne counties.

Although weed should just be legal everywhere, considering how powerful extract-infused edibles are, regular pot brownies are not too terrible as a second option.

(Photo: Dank Depot)