Man Dancing For Ellen Show Challenge Berated And Thrown To Ground By NYPD

December 30, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Usually when people think of a town where dancing is illegal they think of the small bumpkin-ville USA religious community from Footloose. But Alexander BOK found out the NYPD — currently on high alert — really doesn’t like it when you dance behind them. BOK was participating in Ellen Degeneres’s Dance Dare Challenge in which people dance behind a bystander for innocent laughs on video. The officers did not seem amused, however, when they found themselves involved in the silly joke. They grabbed BOK and surrounded him, shouted profanities, and threw him to the ground.

See the video above for the incident. Just in case you thought this was a setup to get the cops mad, you can see BOK’s full Dance Dare here.

(Image: Alexander BOK)