Bob Ross, C-3PO and More Classics Get The Pixel Painting Treatment

January 5, 2015 | Rhett Jones

For his series of “Pixelated Paintings,” Adam Lister takes pop culture/pop art nostalgia to a level that’s at least three-fold. Lister mostly paints iconic figures like Superman and the Simpsons in that 8-bit NES style that says old school video games or new school net art. Then in an art history shout-out, he gives them a texture and coloring that’s reminiscent of early 20th century pixel art forbearers — Cubists like Robert Delaunay or Francis Picabia.

Lister is based out of Beacon, New York, but his pop tastes seem to come from America’s collective accumulation of shared mall culture and dorm-room-poster-ready art icons like Dali and Van Gogh. Surprisingly there’s only one video game painting on his website, Tetris of course.

If you like what you see, you can buy prints from Lister here or add a whole other dimension to the mix with 3D printed works here.

(Images: Adam Lister)