East Coast Represent: Rhode Island Leads the Nation In Weed Use

January 5, 2015 | Bucky Turco

Although recreational weed is legal in places like Colorado and Washington — and it’s primarily the West Coast that’s associated with advancing the cannabis cause — it’s itty-bitty Rhode Island that has won the distinction of being the highest state in the United States according to the latest data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The nation’s tiniest state reportedly has the largest percentage of users:

In no other state did as many people report having used marijuana in the past month: 14 percent of those age 12 and older, up from 13 percent the previous year, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Rhode Island was also tops for those who reported having used marijuana in the previous year: 20 percent, up from 19 percent.

Currently, Rhode Island permits the sale of medical weed to registered patients. It could become a petri dish for legalization since politicians there are actually considering a vote on the measure, which represents a break from tradition: For the most part, all the medical and recreational weed changes have come via public referendum, since elected officials are still too frightened to take a stance no matter how good weed is polling.

Not surprisingly, states in the south — most of which have superior climates for growing top quality chronic — have the least amount of pot use, which explains a lot.

New York ranked a paltry 16 on the list — click around this interactive map of weed use here — a feeble figure that Empire State residents will hopefully work on as part of their New Year’s resolutions.

(Photo: Mark)