6 Celebs Who Could Benefit From DJ Chris Holmes’s Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Line

January 8, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

In between sets for Paul McCartney, the ubiquitous DJ Chris Holmes designed a hyper-reflective wardrobe that would help shield celebs from the prying lenses of paparazzi. The idea, submitted in a contest run by BetaBrand, is a line of clothes that use reflective fabric to “render paparazzi-shot photos worthless — perfect for those who don’t want their picture taken.” Here’s a rendering of how it would come across in a photo:


The concept is a novel one for any of the numerous celebs, politicians, and prominent figures who are subject to physical harm and even psychological damage at the hands of stalkerish photogs.

But let’s be honest: the real application of an awesome technology that promises anonymity in photos to help famous people get away with shit. And famous people get away with a lot of shit. In that spirit, we reimagined 6 unflattering photos of celebs unwittingly causing trouble in NYC. Had they been wearing hyper-reflective gear, perhaps Robin Thicke might still be married, we might not have been so obsessed with Jon Hamm’s dick, and maybe Alec Baldwin wouldn’t have wanted to leave NYC. On the other hand…probably not.

Alec Baldwin

Jon Hamm

Kanye West

Paris Hilton

Robin Thicke

Shia LaBeouf

(Photo: @lanascolaro99)