Check Out An Amazing Breakdancer With Fireworks Strapped To His Feet

January 8, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Normally I expect these kinds of videos to come out of regions of the Middle East where people are really bored and willing to go all out for a stunt. Well today, Germany has thrown its hat into the ring for ballsy video stunts. These maniacs in Frankfurt decided to spice up their breakdancing with a bang. Strapping colorful fireworks to their legs, they pull of some impressive hand hops, air flares and headspins while flaming balls of light shoot from their appendages.

Since these guys seem confident and competent in what they’re doing, the most impressive thing may be that they don’t seem to hit the camera or the gathered partners with any of their explosive moves. Watch the whole thing embedded above and see more powermoves over at Lil Amok’s YouTube Channel.

(Image: LIL AMOK)