ANIMAL Is Looking For Freelance Writers And Interns

January 21, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Do you want to make things with us? Want to go out on adventures, write, and document culture? Now is your chance. ANIMAL is hiring freelance writers and interns. Our contributors are passionate activists, writers, and artists who find inspiration in the city, culture, and characters around them.

City Reporter
If you know your way around New York City, have an uncanny ability to stir shit up or have a knack for showing up JUST when something crazy is going down, then we want to hear from you. While our reporters have covered chaos in Ferguson and Egypt, we’re looking for someone who is endlessly curious about the city and its inner workings, has a nose for stories, and can distill it into eloquent prose every day.

Candidates should be prepared to pitch stories daily, but should also be willing to hunker down for some blogging if need be. We’re looking for a fearless individual who will indiscriminately cover protests, City Hall meetings, and rallies, and won’t hesitate to follow-up with a stranger or two for some answers.

Data Journalist
Are you addicted to I Quant NY? Are you obsessed with maps? Do the hours slip by when you’re tinkering with numbers in Excel? We’re looking for someone with a background in data visualization who can use NYC’s open data to unlock some of the city’s mysteries.

Art Writer
Fuck highbrow. We’re into street art, net art, and everything in between. If a part of you died when the Glasslands closed and you can write clean, fast copy about the cultural and social implications of an artistic endeavor without any hint of pretension, then please consider writing for ANIMAL.

Tech and Science Writer
It’s true that New York City has a thriving tech scene, but we’re less interested in finding the flashy new tech-bro toy and more interested in how people are using tech to subvert and change society. Think: Oculus Rift in courtrooms, NYU’s Stupid Hackathon, and social media-inspired surveillance cameras.

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We’re also looking for two spry interns who are eager to learn and train. And hell yeah, we pay.

Social Media Intern
If you’ve got a social media presence and watch Twitter like a hawk (but laugh at people who take their Klout score seriously), then consider applying for our social media intern position. You’ll help manage our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and work with editors to develop ANIMAL’s social media strategy, whatever the fuck that means.

Video Intern
Our resident photographer Aymann Ismail will do pretty much anything for a great shot. We don’t expect you to do anything dangerous, but Aymann could use some assistance with editing and putting together badass videos. If you’re looking to bust your chops with one of the best (and kindest) in the business, then drop us a line.

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How To Apply

Please send all emails to prachi@animalnewyork.com with the job title and word “Application” in the subject line (e.g. social media intern applicants should send an email titled, “Social Media Intern Application”). Include 3-4 clips of your best work and explain why you’re perfect for the gig at ANIMAL. Writer and reporter applicants, please also include 3 additional clips that show off your strong internet aggregation skills. If your application does not follow these instructions, it will not be considered. All positions are part-time and are based in NYC. Best of luck.

(Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)