Parks Committee Votes To Rename Brooklyn Streets After Murdered Cops

January 21, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Less than a month after the bill was submitted, city officials have voted to rename two Brooklyn streets after slain NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. The New York Post reports that the vote was a unanimous decision reached by the The City Council Parks Committee.

Liu and Ramos were shot and killed on December 20 by a mentally ill man who hated the police. The murders occurred during a month of heavy protests for Eric Garner, exacerbating poor relations between the police and the de Blasio administration that have yet to be mended.

“We have to do everything we can to keep their memories alive,” said Councilman Mark Levine, one of the bill’s co-sponsors. “New Yorkers for many years and many generations to come will understand that there were two heroes who walked the streets to protect us and lost their lives in the line of duty.”

As previously reported, Ridgewood Avenue, between Shepherd Avenue and Highland Place in Brooklyn, will be renamed “Detective Rafael Ramos Way.” West 6th Street, between Avenue S and Avenue T in Brooklyn, will become “Detective Wenjian Liu Way.”

The full council will vote on the renaming on Thursday, where it’s expected to pass.