This Company Has Made A Smartphone For Hunting Ghosts

January 23, 2015 | Rhett Jones

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghost … Ark? That’s the name of a new Italian company that claims to be developing the ultimate ghost hunting device. The founder Massimo Rossi is working with his son and a team of Japanese-trained robotics engineers to make paranormal investigation available to everyone. Rossi claims that hunting ghosts is a personal passion and that he really just wanted the device for himself, so he started a company to make it happen.

According to Motherboard:

To those unfamiliar with the art of ghost hunting, the GhostArk probably comes off as pretty impressive. The group claims their device records ambient temperature and air pressure, as well as local electromagnetic fields. This information is automatically logged in giant spreadsheets for later analysis, but can also be monitored on the GhostArk’s screen in real time. The device has multiple microphones for ambient recording, and can sweep through different radio frequencies for the presence of ghostly messages. A white noise generator is also included, because it is believed that spirits sometimes communicate by shaping ambient noise into sounds.

The device looks reassuringly tough—in computer generated renders, at least—and is designed for quick battery swaps in the event a mischievous spirit decides to prematurely drain its power, according to one of many helpful explanations on the GhostArk blog.

The device is still being perfected and you can submit your email to be notified when it’s ready. Anyone who does so will get a 25% discount, bringing the device down to just $199. That’s a small price to pay for crossing over to the other side.

(Photo: GhostArk)